I Like Spiders And Snakes

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I handled a snake yesterday. Down by the river. Just practicing my snake charming. Instead, this snake peed on me and slithered away. Dang snake! Ever smell snake pissssssssss? Yea, it lingers all over your fingers.

I like spiders too. They keep the flies down. In fact, most bugs don’t even bug me. When I find a bug in the house, I don’t go running for the bug spray. I gently escort the little critter out the door to let it do its job where it does its job best~OUTSIDE!

When we travel I’ll still respect these little creatures but I probably won’t be taking any chances charming or escorting them away. I heard DEET works well for mosquitos. That will be in our packs along with this~~~

Don’t get excited. Mortality in the U.S. from venomous snakebites is less than 2% when properly treated. Hmmm… I wonder what it is in India, Brazil or even Australia?

Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared!!

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