Something I could Bear To Shed

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Since November, our goal of selling one “thing” a week has been slow going. Up until a couple weeks ago when our neighbors had a moving sale. We decided to piggyback and as long as we share a driveway open up our house as well. Despite a Saturday where there was no football, it was slow.

So, as long as our high-end “stuff” was down in the front room we took photos and posted them on Craiglist. You see, at garage sales folks just randomly stop and take a look. Rarely are their purses filled with c-notes. People who browse Craigslist are looking for something specific and have the time to get to the bank and withdraw those hundred dollar bills.

Yes, we sold a few treasures and had a banner week but this is something I could bear to part with…

photo copy 5

Baby Bear

This friend of ours served as an ottoman for years in our lodge room. He’s been neglected upstairs in the attic since Carli has moved to it was time to put him up for auction. The gal who picked him up bought him for her husband’s man cave and assured me he’s a big BEARS fan.

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