SLO Ride, Take it Easy

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Since we began our journey the motto has been SLOW & STEADY. We’re six weeks into our road trip and just passed through Central California. We know a few people that make this trip in an overnight trek, several times a year.

Well, after a week of camping in Big Sur, oh and by the way, with the water shortage in California, campgrounds have limited water which means showers are scattered. Not by days but by weeks. Laundry stacks up, my whiskers need razing, my feet “look” tan. Time to SLO down and smell my armpits.

That’s why we’re here in San Luis Obispo(SLO) cleaning up and catching up with my mom. First stop, the shower. Then we’ll have a beer and shoot the breeze~SLO & STEADY.


Problem is catching up with my my mom includes determining who is top dog on the Bachelorette and best in show on So You Think You Can Dance. That’s okay, none of that matters to me, I know who’s my “top dog” and “best of show” and he’s taking it SLO & STEADY too. Think I’ll go grab a beer and take it easy on the patio with Carlos. These shows are a bit too fast & furious, not to mention LAME.

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