Sleep-In Saturday

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After a long week of biking in extremely agreeable Southern California weather, we turned in our wheels this morning. With an hour left on our bike tab, we pedaled to this tiny cabaña in the middle of a parking lot~~> Captain Kirk’s Juice Bar.

Captain Kirk's Juice Bar

Captain Kirk’s Juice Bar

I know who Captain Kirk is but what’s a acai bowl? It looked good, sounded exotic, and the Star Trek Tiki theme was interesting.

Glancing at the menu board, we knew straight away this little stall catered to all eaters. Obviously vegetarian, very vegan, and with a shake of the wrist, gluten free. Heck, I’d eat this bowl of wholesomeness with a cheeseburger on top.

Our discovery of this acai bowl led to this rainbow of goodness. The bottom band a purple fruit smoothie, layered with granola and honey, scattered with bananas, strawberries and blueberries, then topped with the biggest blackberries I’ve ever seen. Speckled with shaved coconut as a garnish.

Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl

Beam me up Captain Kirk- this acai bowl is outta this world! Worth sleepin’-in for. Thank You San Diego!

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