Six Nights

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Of the six nights we spent at Pismo Beach State Park we were in six different campsites. How’d we manage that? Mobility, coolness, and a bottle of wine.

Here’s how we worked it:

Be friendly to the ranger at the kiosk. He/She knows the caliber of camper coming in. She does this every day. She knows we’re coming from far away. Not an hour away from down the coast. She told us directly that she will “secretly hold spots for those “cool” people like us, or for those traveling from afar, like Europeans”, and like us.


Cool People Rule

Then take a look around. Most of theses campers have bundles and bundles of gear, non-gear, special-gear, and non-essential gear that it takes them hours to unpack then to pack up. Give us fifteen minutes. Done! Packed up and moving four campsites down. Unpack, even less time, maybe ten minutes. Done! Unpacked. Carlos is a bit confused, but hey, we’ve got a spot on the beach for another night.

Today, on our daily ritual morning walk to the ranger station, we thanked(wink, wink) our ranger with a bottle of wine for accommodating us every night so far.


Primo Site #14

Tomorrow we’ve got our eyes set on primo campsite # 14. It’s adjacent to the beach, outer loop, it’s perfect. And now we have our favorite ranger looking out for us. Friday rolls around and magically site #14 opens up. Amazing how far a bottle of wine goes.

Cool people rule!

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