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Remember that last term before graduating from high school? I don’t. No, it’s not that I had a bad case of spring fever, I just don’t remember. I’m getting that way. That’s why Flashback Friday seems to be a good cure for what I’m now experiencing~senioritis.

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FREE Day Bag!

I’m wondering if AARP can help. They keep nagging me to register as a member. Sixteen bucks? Sure, I can afford that, heck I think I’d get 25 cents off at the movies. Membership covers my spouse as well, but we only go to the movies maybe twice a year. They also claim that their award winning AARP magazine will help me feel great and have fun, but I’m already having a ball and except for the senioritis, feeling pretty good.

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My Rose

Well, looky here. I just came across this photo of us seniors at Hali’s senior ball. I do remember that. We went to Santa Cruz afterwards and slept on the beach. Now it’s all coming back. I think this AARP card just might be what the doctor ordered.

I’m sure Hali would be happy sending a check for $16 just to get the FREE day bag. Me, I’ll stick with Flashback Friday while Hali deals with her own flashes.

Sorry AARP, maybe next year.


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