Santa Barbara

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With a little free time on our hands, we took the lovely coastal Ventura Highway to its “snooty” neighbor to the north. By “snooty” I mean pretty people with all the fixins’: bigger boats, dazzling diamond digits, grander gardens, haughty hats, pricey pubs, and untuned ukeleles. This is the Santa Barbara Ukelele Club and their rendition of Michael row your boat ashore. Fortunately, for your sake, there is no audio. Hallelujah!


A one, a two, a three…Michael row your boat ashore…

We liked this boat. Certainly looks like an inviting party…


This one looks even more inviting…


In either case, we were not invited. Darn! What was nice to see though was the invitation of the monarch butterflies on their annual migration to the Butterfly Grove about 150 miles north to the “throwback” town of Pismo Beach. In the two weeks we spent there we didn’t see a single monarch. In a month or so, there will be generations of these butterflies fluttering in the eucalyptus trees.


A welcome back to the kaleidoscope of colors and the millions of majestic monarchs.

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