Sandy Oregon

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We pass through the little town of Sandy every time on our way from Portland to Bend. It has that old west feel. You know, the building facades with a general store, Pony Express office, and the saloon with swinging doors.There is a early pioneer museum and historical marker pointing the way to the Barlow Trail.

I’ve never been in the museum but I know the Barlow Trail is a section of the Oregon Trail where pioneers on the trail would pay a toll for their wagons to be shuttled through the final difficult leg of their 2000 mile journey west to the Willamette Valley.

Sandy is a good place to fuel up before heading up and over Mt. Hood and is essentially all we’ve ever done here. We pass this red and wire checkerboard cinder block building every time~Joe’s Donut Shop. And every time there seems to be a line out the door and we’ve had a dog in the car so we never stop. Today we stopped.

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Joe’s donut shop boasts the best donuts in the world. That may be a stretch but I’m glad we stopped. I do like the maple bacon bar at Voodoo Donuts back in Portland better, but the blueberry fritter at Joe’s has got to be, at the least, the best this side of the Barlow Trail.


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