Salvador Dalí~The Master of Surrealism

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St. Petersburg, Florida is proud of its label “Sunshine City”. The colorful tourist brochures boasts its Guinness World Record. The record ~ 768 days ~ logging the most consecutive days of sunshine which began back in 1967. It’s also the home of one of the largest Dalí art collections in the world. The largest is in his hometown of Figueres, Spain.

While the rest of the country was thawing out from the big freeze and big soak, we took our opportunity to explore St. Petes indoors at the Dalí Museum and outdoors in a kayak on Tampa Bay. 


The best way to see Dalí is to take the guided tour. The audio guide is fine but the tour with a knowledgable docent takes you up close and personal to the man himself~The Master of Surrealism.

Original caption: The treatment is beginning to work, apparently, for Señor Dali has now begun to sketch while the perfumed pads continue the compression of his eyeballs. Don’t ask us to explain the ancient “ad” for chewing tobacco beside the Dali couch. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Dalí, the artist, was just as eccentric and surreal which is manifested in his paintings. His personality included some brilliant habits and techniques which created his dreams. These warped dreams were very apparent and reflective in his artwork. Hali describes the Dalí Museum experience in detail here from our latest newsletter.


Across the hall from DalÍ was the Frida Kahlo exhibit. Again, Hali goes into great detail about the passion and art of Kahlo but my one takeaway was that she was married to the famed Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

After visiting the museum, as we marched alongside the MLK parade, we couldn’t help but notice the exceptionally evocative murals. They might well call St. Petes “Mural City “. Hali captures much of the cityscape here.

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While we can’t send you a day of Florida sunshine, we will send you a handwritten postcard with a piece of DalÍ art from our own private collection for a simple comment. That’s what inspires us.

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2 thoughts on “Salvador Dalí~The Master of Surrealism

  1. Kris Haas

    Love your blogs on Dali!!!! I became a fan in the early 1960’s. My personal favorite has always been his melting clocks but I love the one you have posted here, too. Thanks for keeping me posted!

    1. Hali

      So glad you’re following, and good to hear from you! I kept the melting clock you had given me in my office – I would point to it as reference when helping with the pronunciation of my name.


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