Sadie Hawkins

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Anyone remember Sadie Hawkins? I vaguely remember this as it was so long ago. Long ago when tube socks and rugby shirts were in high fashion. I also remember it was Hali that always took the first step. Here at the Sadie Hawkins Dance the gal was to invite the guy. The first step? That’s right, Hali typically leads, I follow. And even though this cliché bugs me(like this darn horse ticklin’ my ear), the rest is history…

Sadie Hawkins

Sadie Hawkins

Seeing that Cupertino was the host at this hoedown and judging by our outfits, Pioneer Days must have been the theme on this night. Either that or we didn’t bother dressing up. Hali with her Farrah hair, Mike with hair*. What I do remember best about that night was rolling around in the hay on that starry, moonlit night. Me the Viking, Hali the Pioneer.

Despite being high school rivals, we were also sweethearts. So we’ve been on, and cheered for our own “home” team all these years. And I’m not talking about Vikings and Pioneers.

Are you ready for some football? Or some Hootenanny good ol’ times?

Hootenanny Good ol' Times

Hootenanny Good ol’ Times


*Disclaimer* Back then I was Mike, not Woody. However Woody would have fit perfectly for this occasion. And though I only get a haircut once a year, I still have plenty of it.


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