Rubberband Man

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I knew just about everything about Dave:

His favorite baseball team- Cincinnati Reds

His favorite ice cream- chocolate chip
His favorite pizza- pepperoni
His favorite fast food- Wendy’s
His favorite soap opera- All My Children
His favorite movie- Rocky
His favorite drinking glass- the old glass tumbler.
His favorite beer- anything cheap and in a tall can.
His favorite baseball player- Pete Rose
His favorite soda- Coke
His favorite weatherman- Matt Zaffino
His favorite bus driver- the 33 bus driver
His favorite uncle- Uncle George.
His favorite T-shirt- the one with all the stains on the front.
His favorite friend of mine- Murray
His favorite magazine- ESPN
His favorite pet ever- Alvin
His favorite aftershave- Old Spice
His favorite potato chip- the one that is packaged in the tube.
His favorite childhood story- too many. Dave loved to reminisce.
His favorite candy bar- Baby Ruth
His favorite apartment manager- Harold
His favorite chair- his lazyboy.
His favorite color- green
His favorite animal- a ladybug(he always said if he were to get a tattoo, it would be a ladybug on his bicep)
I knew all this about my brother Dave, but it didn’t know this~ he had a baseball size collection of rubberbands.
Dave was the RubberBand Man.

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