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Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Woody Right Over.

Carlos has been gone now for two years. Recently, Carli has been hinting that it’s about time to get a dog. “What’s a better time to get a dog than Christmas?” Well, her wish came true, meet Big Ben:

Merry Christmas!

Whoa, before you all get too excited, yes, we had Big Ben for the Christmas weekend, but we have to give him back. My point to Carli’s, What’s better than getting a dog for Christmas?

Answer: Getting someone else’s dog. Temporarily.

AirBnb for Dogs

ROVER works something like Uber or Airbnb. Your bookings are arranged on a ROVER app: you set your availability, and dog “rules”, money is handled online, and ROVER takes about a 15% fee. Rover is essentially Airbnb for dogs. The guest selects amenities (allowed on furniture, special needs, number of walks each day, etc.). After the stay, both the dog and the hosts are reviewed.

The day I signed up, I was booked. A simple background check, and a straightforward dog-care exam, and I was “in.” It happened so quickly I was a little unsure just exactly what I had signed up for! Families were leaving town for the holidays, and I started getting dog sitting requests right away.

After ROVER takes its cut, overnight care averages to about $1 an hour. Sure I could charge more, but it’s still $1 per hour more than what I used to receive, watching dogs for friends and family.

For the Love of Dog

Caring for a pup is something I get great satisfaction from. And, it provides a service to families needing inexpensive care for their dog. Being in a tourist destination, I also get a fair share of requests from people who are on vacation, enjoying the Disney parks and resorts – where their Rover cannot rove.

So, with that introduction… meet my friends:

Obviously it’s not about the paycheck. I am entrusted to care for family. A best friend. Whether it’s a couple days or a week, the responsibility is huge. A responsibility which is somehow greater than caring for my own pet(s).

Your Best Friend is my Best Friend

That’s my tagline. Hey, and let me know if you might be interested in joining Rover. There are some benefits if we work together, you know, if you scratch my back…

For Carli, a temporary dog is not the same as her very own dog, butt it’ll doo. . . for now.

About Woody

We are a couple who took the first step toward a life of traveling in May, 2015. Staying within the continental US, we amp'd the adventure-factor by traveling in a VW Vanagon, circa 1985. Our mission is to share irresistible and compelling stories conceived from this lifestyle of travel.

5 thoughts on “Rover

  1. Ruth

    Adding to comment about people having to pick up dog poop: I heard a review of a book by Charles C Mann on NPR, which gave me pause on thinking about dogs and humans. The book is The Wizard and the Prophet. Mann builds a history of the concern for the planet since the early 20th Century. People may not have to face terrible issues about deciding whether to keep humans or dogs alive; whether to worry about planting a tree or making space for more humans.
    I intend to read this book and join the conversation about listening to doosday prophecies or depending on the wizardry of technology. Many of the scenarios put forthd by prophets have not come true but mankind is steadily making progress in solving problems such as cleaning up the Chicago River.

  2. Ruth

    The last three days here in Evanston, the sun has been shining. Everyone was out with their dog. At one point I could not see anyone alone or just with another human being. Dogs on leashes were everywhere. Is this what is meant when they say, ‘the world has gone to the dogs?’ I prefer dogs and cats and indeed, all animals to roam free. Yes, I come from the country. I love freedom and from what I see of dogs, they love freedom too. Cats, well, they carry their freedom about with them. They find their freedom in their personal attitudes. But, dogs. I love to see them. I love their loyalty, their playfulness, their steady friendly attention to their masters. I love how they get senior citizens out to walk, even if just around the block on a leash. But, I cringe when I see humans have to carry plastic bags to pick up dog poop. When I walk through grocery stores, I think about how we are constantly made aware of what a plentiful world we live in. And, so much effort is given over to dogs. Why they even have psychiatrists, hospitals, special food.

    I can’t say that zoos are one of my favorite places either. I think animals deserve respect. How can I respect animals that agree to lie around and be gawked at?

    Yes, dogs are useful as guides for the blind. Those dogs have a job. They do it well. Dogs are beautiful and interesting to watch and play with and they certainly get lots of people to walk around and exercise even a little bit and since they are social, humans also congregate and watch the dogs play. Some people say that dogs, over the centuries they’ve lived so close to humans, have helped humans become more civilized. I will let someone else carry on with this. There is lots more to say but I have to go outside and walk, without a dog.

  3. John Stipan

    Fantastic Woody!! Way to step in (butt don’t step in the doo, Lol)! And Hali, way to step up! You two are my favorite characters! When will you publish your book?!? I love you, Stip


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