Roll Out The GREEN Carpet?

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Celebrity has come to Portland. No, it’s not Justin Beiber, not Dennis Rodman, not even Clyde Drexler. I saw it on national news, heard it on NPR, and Dave Letterman featured this celebrity~~~


I’m Going To Disney World!!

Whoa, Carlos? Nope, the GREEN carpet.

PDX is replacing some 35 acres of it’s iconic, funky designed GREEN carpet and people are clamoring to get a piece of it. I’m looking for a five foot square to decorate the living room of the van. I’ve become a fan of the carpet’s Facebook page just to be part of the sensational celebrity.

People who aren’t even traveling are flocking to the airport to take selfies with what is perhaps the most famous carpet in the world. Today Hali is taking Carlos to Disney World. Let’s hope he fits in the overhead bin. No fancy magic carpet ride for ‘Los.

By the way, this is Cardboard Carlos. For this morning’s flight to Orlando, he’ll be on board.

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