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Portland boasts the most public parks within its city boundary than any other city in America. It’s also very proud of its ranking of more craft breweries than any other city in America.

So what’s better than a walk in a park topped off with a cold microbrew on a beautiful sunny January day. From the snowcapped Cascades to the east, poke into the blue sky Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helen’s. and to the north Mt. Ranier. Today we are tourists in our own town.

Walk past the long line of tourists waiting for a bacon/maple bar at Voodoo Donuts and head towards the waterfront. Don’t walk too fast or you’ll pass right by the World’s smallest park. Yep, smack dab between two lanes of traffic at Taylor Street is Mill Ends Park. On a Saturday traffic isn’t too bad to stop and play a while. So I’m guessing that if this is the World’s smallest park it must also be the World’s smallest dog park. Too small to play ball but at least it’s got a tree.


Mills End Park

Head east across the Hawethorne Bridge. Stop halfway across and look downstream of the Willamette. For me, Portland with its funky neighborhoods is a town on the up and up, almost within reach of evolving into a city. Just look up. On both sides of the river a half dozen cranes loom over the humble skyline.

Up the road a bit, duck into the patio of Lucky Lab Brewery. This is their flagship location and perhaps the most dog-friendly pub in the World. I ordered a heaping bowl of spicy curry bento with enough skewered chicken for me and the dog. And while Hali and I sipped our mugs of IPA, Carlos had his mugshot.


Lucky Lab

On the way home stop by the Voodoo Donut shop on the east side and pick up your pink box of donuts without waiting in a LOOOOOOONG line. Nothing better Sunday morning than a fresh cup of homebrew and a bacon/maple bar.

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