Road Trip to Venice . . . Florida?

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Oh boy, where do I start? Well, it’s been over two months since our last road trip and we’ve been antsy to get away. Having following the stay-at-home restrictions for our county since March 12th, we’re itchin’ to explore Florida on a tankful

Florida began loosening shelter-in-place rules around May 4th. Obviously social distancing and “our” usual travel patterns will be altered according to state & county guidelines. We listen to the science. Having never been to Venice . . . Florida, we packed up the car with snacks and supplies, bikes and rollerblades, and headed southwest to the Gulf of Mexico.

Sunshine Inn

Once past the Florida Project exterior, this throwback spot a mile from the beach was the perfect mid-week getaway. Fairly large room, micro, fridge with huge freezer, A/C, shower amenities. Not the Ritz, no, not even the Holiday Inn. The Sunshine Inn was just as advertised and what we expected.

Now, we didn’t plan this trip willy-nilly. We confirmed the hotel rooms are thoroughly sanitized, common spaces open, local take-outs, and beaches are open for public access. All guidelines are in effect, and we will be adhering to immediate standards: masks in closed spaces, plenty of hand washing, and hand sanitizer always at the ready. The good news is that parks, beaches, skating and biking, don’t require face coverings. Of course, common sense and common courtesy go a long way.

The Beach

Despite what you may have seen regarding Florida beaches, we found a small cove on the gulf where beachgoers were quite respectful of distance. Spent a gorgeous day making friends with the wildlife and looking for sharks teeth. Apparently, Venice beaches are considered the shark teeth capital of the world, and I was determined to find a shark’s tooth before a shark’s tooth found me.

We chose to take this little trip mid-week before the yahoos and #FloridaMorons head this way for the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Weekend.

We loved the beaches of Venice. The tiny village dotted with Italian restaurants, consignment shops, cute, well planned parks were what we came to see, but we just weren’t blown away that this could be a place for our long term.

Stand by..

Stay tuned for next week as we head to Melbourne. . . Florida. I consider the Atlantic side of Florida the wild side: bigger surf, colder water, toothless sharks, AND the Space Coast. The first manned launch in ten years is scheduled for May 27th. We’ve booked a room for a couple nights on the beach just for this. Like I said before, we are firm believers in science.

SpaceX launch, April 2016


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4 thoughts on “Road Trip to Venice . . . Florida?

  1. Susan Helm

    My grandfather lived in Venice. My dad moved there from his mom/step-dad’s home in Chicago to live with his dad in Venice the summer before his senior year of high school (never heard the story of why this happened) and entered the marine corp directly after. I remember my dad going back to sell his dad’s house after he passed in 1989.

    1. Woody Post author

      Didn’t realize Jay had a Florida connection!? I have fond memories of Jay and his day-long Yuban (decaffeinated) coffee habit. He visited us in Oregon (1995?) and brought Carli chocolate, shaped as seagull poop. She ate it. We had that instant coffee tin around for years after his visit!


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