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This puppy is fourteen years old today…

Lil 'Los

Aw Dad, He’s Sooooooooooooo Cute!

I remember the day we, well, the day the girls went out to get him. At the time, we still had our old dog Alvin. It was a Sunday, the NFL Championship games were an all day affair and me and Alvin were going to stay home to watch football.

Carli had pestered us to get a brand new puppy for over a year. In fact, the year before she got a giant stuffed black lab from Santa. That giant black lab still sleeps in her bed, sometimes with Carlos huddled beside it.

In the meantime, Carli had looked a couple weekends with her Mom for a REAL puppy. Dad was okay with “just” Alvin. He certainly wasn’t ready to replace our All-Pro veteran family dog with an unproven rookie pup. So the girls strategically snuck out that day to take another look.

Right around half-time I get a call…

Carli: “Dad, I found a super cute puppy. He’s black with a white chest and he’s so adorable. His name is Paul.”

Dad: “Paul? What kind of puppy name is Paul?

Carli: “But Dad, he’s the cutest of the whole bunch and I promise to walk him, train him, feed him, throw the ball for him. I promise!”

Dad: “Mom is an adult. She can make an adult decision. I gotta go, half-time’s over!” Click.

Carli: “I love you Dad.”

An hour later they were home with this super cute bundle of joy, energy, and puppy breath.

Dad: “Yes, he IS super cute BUT… we’re going to have to change his name.”

Mom: “I love you Dad.”

Fourteen years later…


Center-fielder CARLOS

Carli, Mom, and Dad: “We love you CARLOS, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”

Dad: “Congratulations Carlos, you’ve just been inducted into the Family Dog Hall-of-Fame! What are you going to do next?”

Carlos: “Woof! Woof! Woof! I’m going to Walt Disney World!!”

Dad: “Attaboy! C’mon pup, let’s play some ball.”

Carlos: “Woof!”

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