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Hali has taped to fixtures throughout our house various little reminders of WHY?. No, not why is she doing this but to remind ourselves WHY we have downsized to what will essentially be a 150 cubic foot camper van. That’s right, eight years ago we went from a 2500 square foot home that we lived in for nearly twenty years to an 1800 square foot home. That’s when we adopted our minimalist lifestyle. When opportunity knocked on our door this time last year, we opened it wide to the prospective new owners and said, COME ON IN!

Our little 1200 square foot rental is quickly being depleted of our 35 years of accumulation. On one hand, it’s a bit sad to see total strangers walking away with our belongings we’ve enjoyed for so many years. On the other hand, it’s quite liberating. After all, these are just things.


Recently Hali has been photographing and documenting the many cherished belongings we will keep and store by putting them carefully into storage containers. At the moment, we are looking at a fairly large storage “pod”  to take care of the things we value that others wouldn’t. Like family artwork, books, and photo albums. Trust me, we have stacks and stacks AND stacks of these. Our “pod” will be stored in a temperature controlled facility for less than half our monthly cable bill.

All this time and effort to answer the question WHY?. This is a good reason…

act like a kid_0001

Man the helm and jump in FEET first

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