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Steve “The Crusher” Casey


We stopped in the tiny town of Snee while driving around the Ring of Kerry. Time to stretch and get an ice cream cone. What I didn’t know was that a local Irish hero was standing right there in the town square. All bronze and fit stood Steve “The Crusher” Casey ready to take me down.

Yea, I won my fair share of medals wrestling in High School. No bronze statue though. As a matter of fact, I just sold all of those hard earned medals for a dime apiece at the yard sale. These medals were just stuffed into an old box in the basement that I had forgotten about. Years of blood, sweat, and tears went into that handful of medals, for what? Eighty cents.
Obviously someone wanted them, I didn’t. Not anymore. They sat for over 30 years in a box, neglected. Now they are adorning some total strangers letterman’s jacket(I could only wish).
I’ll tell you what, Steve “The Crusher” Casey, my wrestling coach, Mr. Hunter, gave me a cool nickname too,”Whitehead“. No, it wasn’t my pimply face but rather my bleach blonde perfectly groomed hair.

All right guys, now shake hands. Ready… wrestle.

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