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My Mom is a huge baseball fan. By huge, I mean a Giants fan. She follows the Giants so much in fact she lives right down there in the Spring Training Cactus League area~Mesa Arizona.

She’s been all over the country visiting the various MLB stadiums. She’s seen them all, except the two in Florida~Miami and Tampa. So last week, I took the drive down to Tampa to catch a game with my Mom and the Rays.

Brought along a few snacks and supplies for a small tailgate party. And by small, I mean us and these two Rays fans.


Everything is small at this stadium. Felt as though we were in a minor league arena. In the same division as the Yankees and Red Sox, the Rays payroll must be small.  The “peanut gallery” seats were so close to the field I could throw a peanut strike to the first baseman. The crowd was small, the score was low, the ticket prices dirt cheap, the mascot, a RAY, was tiny. All small, except for the beers. I bought two TALL boys of Sierra Nevada for $22.


Strike Three

Nonetheless, we had a great time. Now my mom can check Tropicana Field off her baseball bucket list and she’ll be back next season to catch a Marlins game in Miami.

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