Pot Sale~The Garden Variety

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Spring has sprung! Good time for this Craigslist ad…

Round pots, square pots

Red pots, blue pots.

Some with plants, some without.

Floor pots, wall pots.

Twenty-two pots.


Living Fir Tree in Mayan Theme Pot

My neighbors moved in January and left their big beautiful pots behind. This wasn’t going to happen to us. April is the perfect month to start unloading our pots and getting top dollar.

My age-old indoor ficus went to a good home with feeding instructions~~~>water every Friday and fertilize once a month, the first Tuesday. That tree will live forever with proper care and this gal gave me a green thumbs-up.

The BIG bamboo pot went to a blueberry farm in the burbs. It was my prized pot, and priciest pot. In any case it’s off the patio and on a blueberry farm. Hopefully it won’t get picked on.

The fir tree I found abandoned on the curb about this time last year and used as our Christmas tree sold as a “living Christmas tree”. It’s alive but not actually a Christmas tree and will get the job done come December. With the exception of Christmas in Costa Rica, this holiday season will be the first time we’ve been without a live Christmas tree. Bah!

The hop is just emerging from the soil and in a couple weeks you can watch it grow. Yes, it will grow two inches in a day. In a few weeks, I’ll introduce this summer bloomer. I figure up here in the northwest this pot will fly out the yard with all the IPA huggin’ hop heads in my neighborhood.

I’m down to my Carli Girl which I’m hoping to leave with a friend. This is the pink baby rose I got for Hali and Carli’s birthday nearly 23 years ago. It’s been in the ground, moved twice, and now rooted gently in it’s new ceramic cradle…


Carli Girl

The rest of the pots? They’ll go on the curb and they’ll go fast. Saturday is fuschia day up at the local nursery.

The good karma Buddha pot? Storage. No worries, when Buddha emerges from that Smart Box, he will be ages wiser.

Finally, after all the pots are off the porch, we can say Good-Bye Dolly…

photo copy 3

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