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The weather out here in Illinois is starting to seem more like fall. Temperatures are cooling, leaves are falling, and the kids are back in school. Perfect time for a play in the park.

Just a mile away from Catherine’s house is the Morton Arboretum. This 1,700 acre park was donated by the heirs of the Morton Salt Company and host to various activities including theater. In addition, the goal at the Arboretum is to encourage the planting and conservation of trees and other plants for a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world.


Last weekend we were lucky enough to take a Theater Hike through the park. The play- Driving Miss Daisy.

p1030436_3 Typically these plays move around the park with their small sets and various performers but this was a “low impact” hike so that many of the old folks could move from set to set (we actually “hiked” 50 feet from one set to another-yes, just two sets) in their walkers or wheelchairs. And the substance of the play was perfect for this audience.p1030427_2

The three actors and stagehand did a great job adapting the story in this park setting. I liked the play. The hike? Well, is was nothing like Heidi which we saw a few years ago with Carli. In that classic 1937 musical we hiked to ten different sets through the Alps. What an Alpine adventure it was.


Coming soon to Theater Hikes at the arboretum~~~> 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

A play in the park. It truly is a beautiful world.

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