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Back in December, we entered a decorating contest at our favorite watering hole, The Fifth Quadrant. This pub is one of four Lompoc Brewing pubs in Portland which makes some of the best craft brew and pub grub in town. Our mission was to build a grapefruit-sized styrofoam ball from recycled materials to hang from the bar.

That Tuesday while sipping a $2.50 pint, I came up with this “space stout” concept. My thinking was that this pub was the center of the Lompoc universe while it’s other pubs satellites of Lompoc.

With Hali’s crafty creativity, mission accomplished~~~Discovery of Planet Lompoc.

photo copyUsing our printer we pitted the styrofoam sphere with planetary craters. To illustrate “life on Lompoc” there is a giant glacial icicle melting into a pint of Lompoc’s signature beer, C-NOTE. All this while simulating a 3D effect with a Saturn-like ring of foaming gasses.

This past Tuesday, while visiting my alien tightwads at the Fifth Quadrant, I claimed our 2nd place prize~~~Four ice cold 22oz. rockets of C-NOTE and a Lompoc T-shirt.


Tonight we’re celebrating our launch: T-minus Four…Three…Two…One

Blast Off!! Planet Lompoc or Bust!








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