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By Woody Pope

I know it’s only been a couple months since Super Bowl but I’ve been craving football. Remedy for this, the Grisham novel, Playing For Pizza. A story of American football played in Italy. These former third stringers love the game as much as they love pizza and gelato, played in the Italian arena.
So I’ve taken care of the football craving, let’s get some Pizza!
Portland is loaded with top-notch pizza joints and our favorite is just a few blocks away- The Blind Onion.

Problem is, not only is this basement pub walking distance but the house POTW(Pizza Of The Week). Maybe they should rename their special to, Pizza Of The Weak~we’re addicted. Since discovering this hole-in-the-wall, a weekly visit has become routine.
The large 16 inch is a mere $16. Yes, only a buck an inch won’t slice into your wallet even if this becomes habit. But wait, with this postage stamp-size coupon that pizza is cut down to $11.

Paying For Pizza
This weeks pizza special is broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, and pesto. It simply doesn’t matter what’s on top, it’s the crust that makes this one of the best pizzas in town. The braided edge is sweetfully airy, buttery, not greasy, and melts in your mouth like a shortbread cookie. A crust too good for the dog dish, better for breakfast.
A friendly game of backgammon and a $3 pint of Boneyard complete the deal. Today, Hali and I are playing for pizza.
Playing For Pizza

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