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We’ll go way back. I’m not sure the year but it was back in the old days. Hali and her family traveled by station wagon out west. It was a long arduous haul but they managed with faith in karma. I’m pretty sure Pastor Karl(center) invented karma.


Pioneers~Circa 1977

Karl took it upon the children to keep up on their reading and writing lessons while there was daylight. When the sun went down the family would gather ’round the campfire for story time and Karl was quite the story-teller. He would talk about some day when the next generation would invent a doohickey that would fit in the palm of your hand and have access to anything you wanted: a house, a school, the weather, pizza. Not always clear headed but he was a true scholar.

Arne(left)was a strapping young man but a bit of a rascal. Always wandering away from camp hunting down Smokey the Bear with a torch. Hali(right) ran a tight wagon and sometimes had to send out Woodsy Owl to keep an eye on Arne. Who? Woodsy Owl, that’s who.     You know, Smokey the Bear’s wingman.

Together this pioneer family made a good team and when the going got tough, the tough went camping…again. Camp meals were the one skillet variety consisting of microwaved chicken, rice, and peas. When camp broke they would load up the wagon, climb aboard, and move on. One mile at a time is one mile closer. Karl leading the way.

Where’d they settle down and find a school? Where else, in an Apple orchard in Cupertino~home of The Pioneers.


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