Perfect Day

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Set out this morning for the 15 mile ride to Pacific Beach on what was perhaps a perfect day.

I was reminded of that wholesome Lou Reed song, Perfect Day, as we pedaled slowly, holding hands, that last stretch towards the beach.

Sandcastles, surf, and sunglasses happened next, sitting on the beach just watching the world go by. A perfect day.

And the day was getting more perfect as the day went on. That is when I spotted the sign California Kebab and Beer Garden.


Doner Kebab With A Pale Ale~ A Perfect Pair

The last time I had a doner kebab was in Munich, Germany. It was so good, I had another later that night just to soak up the great German beer from the local biergarten.

Doner kebabs are sold throughout Europe, especially at food stalls near train stations, but I have never come across one here in the states until today, in San Diego. And lucky for me, this kebab stall is adjacent and serving doner at Amplified Brewery.

This was a perfect pub. This delicious doner, with a pint of craft beer for under ten bucks on a patio overlooking Pacific Beach, “biergarten” style. By that, I mean picnic tables set up so that you’re almost forced to engage with the people at the table.


A Perfect Day

The people were engaging, doner kebab perfection, the pints kept pourin’~it was a perfect day.

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