Perfect Campsite

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Perfect Campsite

It’s hard to explain Jalama Beach. Along the long winding road off HWY 1 smack dab in the middle of the central California coast is this little slice of beach heaven. One little store and only those “in the know” it feels like an exotic beach destination. You won’t even find it on AAA maps.

For us, it was mere luck. The park ranger back at Pismo asked us which direction we were headed. I said, “South.” At the same time Hali said, “West.” Puzzled, the ranger said,” Well, west is Hawaii and it’s a pretty difficult road but if you head south about 70 miles you’ll hit Jalama Beach. The road is also difficult but only about 17 miles west of the 1.”

When we landed here at Jalama, BTW it’s pronounced Halama, we thought we might have been on an off-the-beaten path Hawaiian beach. Palm trees, uncrowded beach, magical sunsets, gentle surf greeted us like a wahine greets you in Hawaii with that fragrant lei.

Jalama Nights

Jalama Nights

The best part is that there is absolutely no high-rise hotels, no yahoo tourists, no coco locos, no lame luaus, no long flights. No, none of that. Just this campground overlooking one of the most beautiful stretches of beach on the California coast.

I forgot how many nights we spent here but it was so worthy of a second visit that we backtracked that 70 miles twice just to spend our “exotic vacation” on this little beach paradise.

Well, that’s what Hali will tell you. For me, it was the Jalama Burger.


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