No Comments on Pedigree?

This little pup is pushin’ fifteen years old…

Lil 'Los

Lil ‘Los

Pedigree? Nope, Carlos is a mutt. Fancy diet? Nope, Carlos has always been a pretty good eater. Not too particular. In fact, a little bacon grease goes a long way drizzled over his kibble. Bacon grease or not, he’s always treated to a couple tablespoons of wet dog food.

Table scraps? Yes! I’m a firm believer. If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for the dog. Our theory=variety>or= the spice of life.

Last week I bought a hundred pounds of kibble. Why? Well, not only was it on sale but I want Carlos to be around to polish it off like he does at every feeding. Each 50# pound bag was on sale for $22. In addition, if I bought two bags, Target would give me a $20 gift card. So in actuality, I bought a hundred pounds for $24. This should last Carlos many months.

The trick is NOT about quantity it’s about quality. We WILL know when it’s TIME for cheeseburgers but that TIME is NOT anytime soon.


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