Pardon Me Kid, Can You Spare A Quarter?

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Rex fished through his pockets for a quarter in search of the only state left to complete the U.S. State quarters map- Michigan. Wow, after ten years of collecting the state quarters we finally had all fifty. Now what?

Well, that map has been laying under Carli’s bed ever since, collecting, not any more quarters, only dust. That’s why it was time to cash in. 
Let’s do the math. Math 20. Fifty states times twenty-five cents = $12.50. Time to sell this ten year investment. Sold $15, to a third grade kid studying the United States and it’s Capitals. No commission fees.
For Carli, $2.50 profit on $12.50. A 20% return. For the kid, a U.S. map for his report and $12.50 in his pockets. Well done.

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