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Hali and I have been married over thirty years, lived in four houses, and have never bought patio furniture. This furniture has moved with us each time and though has been painted from black to white, back to black, and the cushions evolved over the years, it has withstood the test of time.

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Hali’s family had acquired it back in the 70’s when their friends moved away. The durable, floral laced wrought iron just keeps going and going.

In the 80’s we spent hours on end on the back patio listening to Rock & Roll while playing trivial pursuit with friends. Back then, I had painted it white to accent its floral cushions and the motif of our favorite sunroom.

When we moved to Oregon in the 90’s, I painted it black. Our deck was a darker stained cedar and black worked better outside in the Oregon weather. We would stow away the cushions in the winter but also invested in a higher end mildew/mold resistant fabric. We spent many a weekend listening to our favorite public radio out on the deck: Car Talk, A Prairie Home Companion, American Routes, Splendid Table~Fabulous!photo copy

Now we have to say good-bye after all these years. But not for long. I will clean it up a bit, brush off the moss, paint it black, and bring it over to Emily’s backyard where I know one day we will sit on it again.

Until then, I’ll always be reminded of my fancy patio furniture when I hear the Rolling Stones sing Paint it Black or AC/DC’s Back in Black. My old wrought iron rocker will keep on a rockin’.


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