Packed with Postcards

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This little vintage suitcase once belonged to Hali’s grandmother. By simply covering this rectangular hard case in flowery shelf paper, she transformed it into what it is today…a head turner. It’s now my carry on.

photo 2

Last week I flew down to a Florida with Carli to retrieve it. As I carried this through the airport I could see heads turn to get a glimpse of this well-traveled colorful box. It fit nicely beneath the seat in front of me. Passengers pointed. Flight attendants flirted with it as they said their bye byes. The pilot even asked me how many frequent flier miles it’s accumulated.

…Well, I’ve carried a case of beer in it to catch a cruise. Imported important papers and delicate electronics in it. Used it to protect our dive gear in its hard case. Put a pink box full of Voodoo Doughnuts in it as hostess gifts. Served as our stash of snack and supplies. It’s traveled across the United States in a shipping container.

photo 3

I’m not certain how many miles it’s logged but next week I’ll store it in the van for our final leg “home”. Fits on the bench seat behind me, next to Carlos. A 2000-mile journey perfectly packed with postcards and stuck with stickers- my souvenirs. A suitcase with my signature.

If the van doesn’t turn heads on the road, this little vintage suitcase will.

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