Pacific Surfliner

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Viva la Jalama

Last summer we spent nearly two weeks camping on Jalama Beach. Every day the Amtrak Surfliner train would pass on the bluff behind the campground four or five times. Somehow it gave me that nostalgic feeling as the train passed on its coast-express route: palm trees dotting the beach, quiet gentle surf, longboards, beach balls. I’d often see passengers leaning out their windows to take a photo of the surf, sunsets, or soaring kites. It’s a five mile stretch passing along that rail line that must take your breath away.


All Aboard!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be riding ON the Surfliner. A chance to ride north back to Grover Beach to watch a football game with my sister. A break from my long hours rehabbing a rental, AND my first couch-surfing experience on this long road trip. That’s right, I had the couch. The very downstairs apartment we had just left a few weeks ago, painted and readied for the new tenant was now occupied.


Hey Carli Look, A Mermaid Kite!

The three hour trip on the Surfliner zig-zags along the most beautiful Southern California coastline like a mermaid tail on a kite, right past Jalama Beach. This time I’m riding the Pacific Surfliner looking down and out on the beautiful view we had from our campsite last summer. A view that is truly breathtaking.


A view that puts a smile on my face every time whether I’m at Jalama Beach or riding ON the Surfliner.

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