One Of A Kind

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This is the last sticker I stuck to the Woody last Fall…

Friends Of Trees Sticker

Friends Of Trees Sticker

Guess what? I traded my bike for a c-note. No, not a pint of my favorite local craft beer, a hundred dollar bill. That’s right, I sold the Woody!

Before the guy came all the way from Salem, I took the thumb bell off and oiled the chain. In the twelve years I’ve owned this bike, that’s the most maintenance I’ve ever done.

This bike was exactly what this dude was looking for. A simple, sturdy bike frame so that he can do what I see many people doing these days- put a motor on it.

I put many miles on the Woody and it still has plenty more road miles left. Don’t be surprised if the next time you see the Woody the stickers are peeled off, flames painted on the fenders, passing you on I-5.


The Woody~One Of A Kind

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