Once Upon A Time In America…

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This is PJ or if he’s a bad boy, just Paul…

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PJ was an avid postcard writer back in the day. I’ve got many, many postcards from PJ. The cards from the beaches of the French Riviera are especially captivating. Don’t count on those as my featured Postcard of the Week though. I like to call his collection the J-series. You see, PJ would sign off with a cool prefix to his initials: Casino-J, Euro-J, Thick glasses-J. Get the picture?

This picture is vintage PJ from the early 80’s with Claudia, a friend from Germany. As you can see they visited San Francisco and by the looks of that chopstick impaled through his lip, they must have just finished some chop suey in Chinatown. Probably at the Bow-Bow.

PJ is settled down in Norway now but once upon a time was quite the jet setter. By the looks of the Duran Duran shades a trend follower.

I think I’ll include this in the J-series. How’s this sound BAD boy Paul?

~~~ LL Cool-J~~~













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