On The Road With This Guy

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It’s tough traveling on the road posed as The Least Interesting Lad in the World.


Week after week, connecting the counties at summer fairs. Hard to compete with the other guy. I feel like a sideshow in the freak exhibit when this guy shows up. . .


He’s got beautiful women lining up outside his bus, a beard that grows with the ebbing and flowing of the tides, but have you ever tasted Dos XX? It’s CRAP BEER!  I’m out traveling across the country in my bus endorsing CRAFT BEER.



Sure, HE chased down a Russian submarine in a bi-plane towing a banner that read FREE Vodka~~~> Follow Me~~~>

I bet HE never streaked through his high school quad with an 85  written in shaving cream on his butt cheeks (ϖ). Yeah, I may be less interesting but what is most promising is the product I’m promoting~Craft Beer.P1030126

Our paths cross all the time. This guy was all over Texas. Remember the Alamo? He had a front row FREE parking spot right there on Davy Crockett Street. I had to pay to park two miles away only to find out Carlos wasn’t welcome at the Alamo. You see, less interesting.

Remember the Alamo

Can’t tell you how many Mexican fiestas where we were parked right next to HIS mariachi band. Boy, his amigos can party all night long. Me, I have more fun dancing in the streets with my buddies and getting to bed early just after watching The Brady Bunch. Like I said, it’s tough. This guy has zip-lined the Grand Canyon WITHOUT pants. I can’t dance WITHOUT Dan and Paul holding UP my pants.


There are times I can’t even leave my bus to grab-and-go a good six pack of craft beer. . .


Drive Thru Brew~Nags Head, North Carolina

So, as I head west through some of the most uninteresting states in America (Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming) I’ll wind up my summer tour in Boring, Oregon. This small town is just outside of Portland, or as locals call it, Beervana.

Boring may well be the least interesting town in the world. But don’t be fooled. With its clever name, Boring Brewing serves the most interesting beer in Clackamas County.

Help support your local craft brewery and breweries popping up on every main street in America, big or small, exciting or dull, one beer at a time.


Mascot Overseeing Operations

Look for me in my 1985 Westy  van at your nearest county fair. I’ll be handing out beer swag I’ve collected while connecting the craft brewery dots across America.

Join the craft beer movement now. It’s not the only beer in town, but it IS the most interesting.


Happy to hear that Dos XX is dumping this guy after his final World Tour. Adios The Most Interesting Man in the World. ( ¡Córrete! ) Move over, The Least Interesting Lad in the World just pulled up.



Drink craft beer, NOT crap. Simply more interesting.



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