Oh Christmas Tree

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There are those who take down their Christmas trees the day after Christmas. I know some who pack it up once the presents are all unwrapped and the guests have left. That’s it, Christmas is over, put that thing back up in the attic!!

Not us. For us, and for many others, we enjoy our tree the entire holiday season. Might as well. It took a half a day to drive out to the country, another four hours finding the “perfect” tree, stand it overnight in a pail of water, a hour to drag it in the house and spike it into that awkward stand we’ve had for forty years, another day to untangle the lights, two minutes to string the lights, and finally two days to decorate it just as the last of the sap peels from your hands.


Oh Tannenbaum~German->English translation~Fir Tree?

I’ve been known to water my fir tree daily, sometimes twice a day, just to keep needles on it through Super Bowl Sunday. That’s half a football season and that’s the reason we enjoy our tree. By then we’re not saying, “Seems so far away, 365 MORE days until Christmas?” With 325 days after we pack up our tree, Christmas is right around the corner.

This year was slightly different. We didn’t drive out to the country to pick out this tree. Someone did though, it was Made in China. There was no need to germinate it overnight in a pail of water. We gave away our old tree stand so there was no fussin’ with that. This “perfect” tree already had twinkling lights strung up to the star (well, that’s no fun). Our Christmas decorations are in storage so we adorned this magnificent tree with makeshift ornaments, like candy canes.

Gifts were piled high under our glittering tree. Guess what Carli’s favorite present under our gorgeously illuminated Christmas tree was. I’ll give you a hint: it’s wrapped in black and white,  wasn’t Made in China, and his name is not MR. COFFEE.


Despite the sad reality that Christmas Day is over and all the wrapping paper cleaned up, out in the recycle bin, and ready for morning pick up, we WILL enjoy this tree by golly! At least through the holiday season. Nope, I’m not nurturing this thing until Super Bowl. It comes down and gets stuffed back in its shoe box, back in the attic, January 2nd, 2016.

Wow, that’s just around the corner!

We haven’t had a TV for two years and Santa didn’t bring us one, instead he brings me a table saw I never asked for. A table saw? That means work! So now we have only 35 shopping days to find that “perfect” TV for Super Bowl Sunday.

Any Super Bowl wagers? No, but I’ll betcha ten bucks we pick out a TV Made in Asia.

Season’s Greetings!


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