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It’s official, I’m a beer SNOB. Yes, it’s true. 

Last week I got a call from the President…of SNOB. He needed a few more volunteers to pour beer at the Brewers Dinner. This was the opening event for brewers, beer writers, and other brew-ha-ha’s for the Oregon Beer Festival. I was rubbing elbows, pouring pints, and toasting with some of the best craft brewers in the world. Fact is, Oregon has more craft breweries than anywhere else in the world. 
This week of beer in Portland draws beer lovers from all over the world. My pouring “mate”came all the way from Australia. Met a growler salesman from Kansas City. For those of ya’ll, a growler is a jug to pour 64 ounces of beer into, about 4 pints. This evening we sampled just about 4 pints of craft beer from all over Oregon. Sorry Florida, the beer you brought was undrinkable- maybe the cross-country journey got to it?
So, on this last day of July, we must say goodbye to craft beer month in Oregon. Until next year, when yet again, I’ll be a SNOB.
Supporter of Native Oregon Beer. And I’ve got the t-shirt to prove it.


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