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Portland has the reputation as being “hipster”. What’s wrong with that? We’ve got our tattoo parlors next door to every Starbucks in town. It’s mandatory to grow a beard if you’re a brewer. And beanies are fashionable all year long. I get it!

But why do non-Portlanders label us “hipsters” as if it’s some kind of derogatory moniker? Believe me, I’ve been called a hippie the last 30 years or so, so being called a hipster is somewhat flattering. “Dude, nice bike… ya’ hipster.” Yea, some old geezer threw that my direction while riding my bike this past weekend. Didn’t bother me one bit.

Neighborhood Ned

Neighborhood Ned

Portland also hosts a cool, FREE community event one Sunday a month~ Sunday Parkways. Here you can see the super spirit of volunteerism at work. The streets are blocked off just for bikes. Well, not just for bikes, just closed for cars. And the variety of riders is endless. Big bikes, small bikes, tall bikes, short bikes, red bikes, blue bikes, old bikes, new bikes. Anyway, lots of bikes. It’s a great way to get acquainted with that particular, if not peculiar, neighborhood and promote a larger bicycle awareness in the Portland area.

This last Sunday we checked out the Southeast neighborhood. If Portland is the capital of hipster, the SE neighborhood is it’s headquarters. We saw a walking, talking hipster tree. There was a gang of hipsters on chopper bikes. The bearded brewer bike. We even saw the Voodoo Donut bike. The hipster tree handed me a sticker to add to my bike collage. That tree was cool.

Friends Of Trees Sticker

Woody Is A Friend Of Trees

So, go ahead and call me a hipster, just don’t call me an old geezer… not yet anyhow.


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