Mission Accomplished!

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Oregon schoolchildren study The Oregon Trail and Lewis&Clark with the Corps of Discovery. As an Oregonian, I revel in that history but growing up in California Hali and I studied the Gold Rush and the California Missions. I remember building San Juan Bautista with something like 2 million popsicle sticks. Hali doesn’t recall the mission she erected, only that it was done in sugar cubes and the field trip her class took where Todd Elmer barfed on the school bus.

Today we steered away from the beach, beer, and bikes and decided to take a historical field trip- The Mission San Diego de Alcala. We didn’t exactly ditch the bikes but maybe we should have. The ride out there was about ten miles on designated bike lanes only no one rides there because you’re risking your life crossing lanes of merging freeway traffic. So I put the Schwinn into turbo and just pedaled(closing my eyes and crossing myself just once).


Cinco Campanas en Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá

When we arrived at the Mission Gift Shop and asked where can we park and lock up our bikes, the lady behind the desk looked at us as if we just landed from Mars. Her ET translation, You rode a bike? I think I’ve seen one of those before but not here. They graciously took our “alien” bikes and watched them from behind their desk for the next ninety minutes.

Now, what I learned…

Well, I learned ninety minutes worth but I’ll just get to the essential point. This mission was built in 1769 and is known as The Mother Of The Missions. There you have it, concise, to the point! Now, let’s get home safely, on our bikes!!

So, If you’re in the San Diego area and wanna get away from Sea World, the zoo, the beach, and off the beaten path~The Mission IS possible~even on bikes!


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