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Hard to determine what the golf capital of America is. According to Golf Magazine there are six state finalists: California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, and Florida. AND According to Mini Golf Digest, when it comes to mini golf, Florida takes the golden putter award.

I remember a six-year-old Carli Carlism* ⇒Her best friend and Disney companion, Sarah, liked Mickey Mouse but not Minnie Mouse. While visiting Disney World we asked the girls if they wanted to go mini golfing. A scolding Carli said, “Mom, you know Sarah doesn’t like Minnie”. We went golfing anyway and this time Carli won the golden putter award. She had the highest score.



Today we took on the Disney mini golf challenge at Fantasia Gardens near the Boardwalk resort. The golf pro who called up our party for tee time warned us that the back 18 course is the most difficult mini golf “of its kind” in the world. Complete with grassy roughs, dog-legs, and water hazards that demand skill from the most seasoned players.

Of course, we chose the front 18, the garden course. Our challenge was to sing along with Mickey and Minnie all the while chasing par for each hole. The course wound through whimsical Disney monuments as we played through the orchestral movements of the Disney Classic Fantasia.


Carli seemed to have some difficulties with the water hazards, Grandma Sue aced the dancing hippo hole, and Woody was five strokes under par. The winner today, though, at the “Hippo-est Golf in Town” was Hali with a score of 64.


While Woody wins the golden putter, Hali wins the double bogey bouquet of balls. For Carli, a chance to dance with Mickey, Minnie, and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. A true testament to the art of Minnie Golf.

*Carlism: a unique Carli  mannerism or quote.

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