Mi Amigo Pancho

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Yesterday we took a short drive to our favorite fish shack on the beach, Chamico’s. We watched these two dogs happily frolicking on the beach as we ate fish tacos and drank coconut milk. They ran around like best friends playing tag in the surf.

A little while later the wiener dog, who we named Pancho, came to me with with a sandy snout pawing at his long nose. At first I thought his sinuses were clogged with sand but then I soon remembered something like this happened to Carlos a couple times~something was lodged in the roof of his mouth. That’s it! There was a stick stuck in his mouth.

I leaned over and Pancho whispered in my ear, ” Si, si Woody! Esta una rama en mi boca! (Yes, yes Woody! There is a stick in my mouth!).

Pancho let me finger through his mouth and I could only feel something upstairs on the top of his jaw. He was very uncomfortable but also very trusting in me sticking my fingers in his mouth. I did finally see a two inch stick, pinned like a rafter supporting a roof, at the top of his mouth. Without hesitation, I took hold of the stick and gently twisted it clockwise. Out it came. A two inch stick perfectly fitting poor Pancho’s mouth gap.


Right away he showed relief and Hali instantly filled a coconut with water. We knew he had to be thirsty because, like I said, this happened a couple times with Carlos. With Carlos, I remember “raking” my fingers from the back of his mouth to the front and instantly Carlos wanted water. Pancho too.


After plucking the stick from Poncho’s mouth the little guy licked my wrist. From that point on, Pancho and Woody were buddies. Don’t tell Carli, she’ll wonder why Pancho didn’t come home with us.

Later on, we gathered our stuff and I whispered in Pancho’s velvety soft ear, “Adios mi amigo Pancho.”


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