Meet the Flockers

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You ever seen a flock of flamingos in your neighborhood? Never saw them in Mr. Rodger’s neighborhood but we got ’em here in Oregon. Right down the street from us this frickin’ flock of flamingos landed in my neighbors yard.

You've Been Flocked!

You’ve Been Flocked!

Could be this global warming everyone’s talking about but I think these people just moved in and were totally flocked. Had it been a flock of storks I would assume a new baby or many new babies. A flock of seagulls? Perhaps Dad just came home from salmon fishing. The wise guy next door coulda sent over a parliament of owls. I’ve heard a flock of crows is called a murder~Oooooh spooky~

But I’m guessing a friend of theses new neighbors just wanted to flock with them.

Welcome to the neighborhood, YOU’VE BEEN FLOCKED!

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