May Day Celebration

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In honor of May Day and Hali’s big day(this is her last day of work after nearly 35 years with First American) we celebrate her long career. And while we’re at it, let’s celebrate the hard work of all.

Hali’s money saving prowess goes back to her first ever piggy bank. This is a short digitally remastered audio tape sent by Hali’s mom. Here’s a young Hali and her amazing ten-year-old insight…

Savings has been part of our goal before we made “the plan”. Not the short-term plan we are about to embark on but the long-term plan we agreed to when we were married, bought our first house, and just about anything we’ve invested in since.

My economics 101 class back in college taught me the value of the balance between spending and saving. A good lesson to SPEND within our means and SAVE until it hurts. That along with Hali’s hard work and long tenure with a financially sound company has put Hali in a position to take a well deserved break.

More recently, as we continue to save with a long-term approach we’ve also realized our short-term goal. With Hali’s savvy saving strategy(clink clink, clink clink) AND an A+ rating from our financial coach who keeps us on track we are prepared to launch on our lifelong dream. Hali’s work skills, loyalty, and perseverance has paid off and now is the time for her to enjoy this next adventure.

(Young Hali) Shaking the piggy bank, “… that’s the best of it, right?”

(Everyone)~~ Jazz Hands~~”HAPPY MAY DAY!”



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