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We turned Lori’s downstairs apartment in a week. The tenant moves in with all her “stuff” the first of the month, and she claims she has a lot of “stuff”. In order to make room for the new tenant’s “stuff”, Lori needs to move her “stuff” out. How does she do that with an amputated toe? Woody & Hali. Craigslist specialists, that’s who. We’ve been doing this a long time. We’ve become masters of moving “stuff”.

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Lori has this quality king bedroom set that she acquired for her guest room on Craigslist a few years ago for $250. It’s big, bulky, comfortable(we’ve been sleeping on it for two weeks), but it needs to go. With the new tenant moving into the bottom two rooms, there is no room for it.

For Lori the price point was $500. Great, that’s a 100% profit in a few years. We told her we could sell it for more and she said anything above $500 is ours.

After publishing the ad on Craigslist, we had $600 within a day. Five Benjamins in Lori’s purse, one Benjamin in my pocket.

Question is, now where do we sleep for the nest two weeks? On the floor with our cozy Westy mattress, that’s where. That $100 bill? That pays for the van’s new dry bag storage. Win, Win for all, including Thor, our Westy.



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