Manatee Springs

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Believe it or not, after being on the road for nearly six months, we had time to kill before heading into Kissimmee to see Carli. Carli’s work schedule was busy the weekend before Thanksgiving so we lingered longer on the Sawanee River.


Sawanee River

Remember that song, written from a black slaves perspective by Stephen Foster, Way down upon the Sawanee River, Far, far away…? We’re camping here, on the Sawanee River, off the beaten bayou path. A natural spring boils up from the bayou and lures the manatees when the waters off the coast get too cold.


Blue Bayou

The waters are still warm so the manatees aren’t here quite yet. So, for the first time since Labor Day we popped up the lid of the van and are camping, still following the weather until showers appear in a day or two.

Camp feels different with the low palms, tropical weather, electrical plug-ins, and plenty of firewood. All this for $20 including FREE hot showers.

The added bonus this Florida State Park offered was BBQ down near the bayou. I didn’t have to cook! Chose the fall-off-the-bone ribs. Wasn’t about to eat the alligator sausage, especially before I went for a swim. Might get a cramp.


Hmm…Alligator Sausage?


We’ll break camp and head out tomorrow where Carli is within striking distance, 125 miles. Carlos has settled in under a palm in a sand bed. Not sure if he’s ready to hit the road…

Wait! Woof! Wait! I haven’t traveled this far to hold off another day to see my princess girl. Woof! Woof! We’re on our way!

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