Man of Steel

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After renting our home for nearly 25 years to the same tenant, we finally got into this house to see what treasures we left behind…

While Hali and Arne were sifting through boxes of books, photos, and letters, I was doing the grunt work. This included emptying shelves and cabinets, lugging heavy motors and various other heavy metal items to the front of the house and then finding a scrap metal guy to come and take this pile of crap away. Hmmm… wonder where that beer keg came from?

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Pile of Crap… I mean Scrap

One call to Bill and he came to my rescue. Bill is a hard-working, scrappy guy who picks up scrap to help put his four kids through college. I’m not sure how much he gets for this scrap, but there was a ton of it. Bill was there at 9pm to take what he could and back at 6am to take the rest.

Bill~Man of Steel

Bill~Man of Steel

I’m sure Bill’s kids think of their Dad as a hero and on this day of a lot of sweat, a few tears, and a bloody thumb, Bill was certainly my hero, my man of steel.

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