Man From Michigan~Part Two

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Getting us out of Ohio was difficult especially after the good time we had in Put~in~Bay, but all good things must come to an end. Now we’re in Dexter, Michigan, home of my long time postcard pen-pal Bob (Man From Michigan~Part One).

Postcards are the norm for us in communicating so when I had to text Bob that we were actually close by, I felt I broke our solemn postcard oath. An oath only broken with the rare butt dial, the one classic drunk dial (Bob), and when a visit is pending.

In the twenty plus years since I met Bob on the beach in Oregon, we’ve swapped hundreds of postcards. He’s been back to Oregon twice since then and I’m visiting him now in Michigan for the second time. This time with Hali and Carlos.

True to form, Bob showed us a good time in the short time we’ve been here. It started on the river as Captain Bob and his crew chanted the river rhyme while the canoes huddled on the sandbar. It was actually a salute to an old Pee Wee Herman and “Long live Jambi” pirate anthem~Meka Leka Hi Meka Hiney Ho.


It worked. We all had a great time watching the osprey follow us downriver, throwing around a frisbee, slow paddlin’ in perfect weather as Carlos scouted the upcoming rapid or riffle.


Later on, we followed the Dexter pub trail which straddles the river we just pulled out from. Dexter has a half dozen pubs and we made it only half way before pulling off the trail. Michigan is rallying around the craft beer concept like the homecoming football spirit team rallies against Ohio State. This small village of Dexter is no exception.


Even later, the competition for the fire poker at the bonfire was like Bob and Hali in a sword fight at Winterfell in the Game of Thrones. Neither one of them could keep that poker out of the fire for even a minute. So I just sat back, had a beer, and watched the dueling torch.

P1010530The next morning, I slipped a Thank You postcard atop the canoe along with some beer swag I’ve collected along the way, exchanged man hugs, and the three of us set sail for Lake Michigan just a short two hour drive away. A couple nights on the Great Lake Michigan watching whitecaps in perfect weather. Then take a southerly course to the “Windy City”.

You know, this whole postcard themed website evolved from the simple relationship Bob and I have using a few sentences a couple times a month to catch up. I find it unique and intriguing and something of a long lost art. Who doesn’t like receiving a postcard?

Sending a postcard, however, takes some effort. First of all, you need a postcard. I find these FREE all over the place: breweries, state parks, stuffed in Bob’s drawers (ha ha!). Then you plan a trip to a post office (during office hours) to get postcard stamps, write a few words, and slip it into your postbox. Here’s one for all of you…


But wait a minute! The last place you want to be during your precious vacation time is in a line at a post office, right? Who does? I do. The people at the post office are typically locals who can fill you in on hidden gems in town or hideaways only a local would send you to. Plus, oftentimes a post office has Wi-Fi. A chance to check out email while licking stamps.

Postcards are much more involved than an email, a text message, or even a phone call. That’s why very few people send postcards anymore and that’s why I find FREE or cheap postcards everywhere I go. Nobody buys them except me and Grandma Sue. Oh yeah, and Bob.


We both have boatloads of them stashed in shoe boxes and tucked in a dry bag as mementos of our travel treasures. Thanks Captain Bob for inspiring our Big Postcard Adventure and, of course, the boat ride in a semi-seaworthy vessel.

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