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The last time I had my hair cut was last July. Late July 2014. I was back in Ely Minnesota visiting family with my mom. My mom is always encouraging me to “get a haircut!” So I did. It was the Blueberry Festival Special-$5 with the purchase of a walleye-on-stick.

Since then it’s grown. It always does. Today Hali insisted I “get a haircut!“. Time for my hippy hair to be clipped. Our work over at the rental is done, we have a free day and Hali packed her styling comb and shears specifically for this occasion. With Hali’s heavy hand and her grooming tools, I was ready for this majestic mane to be hacked, I mean clipped.


Man Bun

But wait! First I wanted to put my hair in a “man bun”. That’s something I recently read that’s been banned from male students at Brigham Young Universisty. So in my defiance and protest to that lame rule, Hali put my hair up in a “man bun”, took this photo, then, like any fine young BYU male student with a bun, cut it off.


Mom’s Birthday Present

She went at it… and at it…and at it, until there was a great big pile of “man bun” on the ground. I swept it up then called my mom to wish her a happy birthday.


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