1st Amendment to A Lesson In History

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Chapter 1 in U.S. History 101

Democracy: A Lesson in Ethics

Just to get this right:

This is not about Donald Trump. This is about the American people.

Finding Common Ground

The people we’ve fought so long and hard for the opportunity to vote who “sat out” of this election. Or the people who lack the common knowledge that it is our civic duty to participate in our democracy.

It’s about the people who for the last eight years have ranted and raved about family values, moral principles, and common decency.

Leaders like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and yes, even the Bush Family all have these qualities instilled in them. These are the people I would, and do, respect as our leaders.

It’s exactly who has been in our White House for the last eight years!!!

Instead, we just elected a man to “run the show” who, in just one year, has proven he has none of these leadership qualities.

The Greatest Democracy in the World.

Shameless hypocrisy.

That’s what it’s about.

If the American people are demanding change, it has to start from the top. Perhaps a course in Ethics. And with a passing grade, respect from ALL Americans is due, including mine.

And I believe President Barack Obama said it best last Tuesday night, “The sun will rise in the morning.”

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