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I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to the Post Office. Must be in there twice a month. Perhaps I should buy postcard stamps buy in bulk from the gal behind the counter who always offers Carlos a cookie. I have found that the best time to mail a package during the holidays is 10am. The early birds have come and gone and it’s a perfect stretch before the lunch rush when lines are longer than the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

I also like get to know our mailman. He gets to know us too not just from the mail he delivers, but we often exchange small talk. Mostly about the weather or maybe football. I often wonder if he reads my postcards. The best thing about my mailman, Dave, is that he always has a cookie for Carlos. There are times when Carlos will rest his head on the sofa and watch for Dave. Dave likes Carlos. Who doesn’t?

At Christmas, I like to gift my mailman. He’s not allowed to take more than twenty dollars and gift cards work just fine as a token gift. Six days a week, walking 10-12 miles each day, not to mention hundreds of stairs, through every type of weather phenomenon, Dave gets our mail in our box. He deserves a little something other than an old-fashioned plate of decorated cookies.

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Dave is the Man. He’s the Mail Man.

Carlos likes cookies. Who doesn’t?

I hope Dave likes Trader Joe’s. Who doesn’t?


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