One Hit Wonders

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In honor of PJ’s birthday, I’d like to play for you our #1 hit music video. Problem is, I no longer have a VCR, TV, or magic carpet so all you get is the video cover and these sound bites.

We recorded this back in 2000 while attending our 20th high school reunion in San Francisco. Along with the aeronautical knowledge we learned in aviation class back in high school and music fundamentals(the key in mentals) back in college, PJ and I collaborated to produce this sensational video.

A Family_0001 2

~PJ~Mickey Haze~And The JAMMIES~

Imagine the psychedelic Steppenwolf flower power rhythm riding heavy plus a dose of new wave punk pulse. Woody, with his fear of flying, white knuckled the carpet while PJ and his ever so cool command of that magic carpet navigated the airspace above “The City” and the Golden Gate Bridge.

“Goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here.” 

“Gabba Gabba Hey!

Not quite our fifteen minutes of FAME, more like our three and a half minutes of LAME.

Happy Birthday, PJ

Let’s collaborate again and play to that live audience in the College Bowl. Rock on Dude!!

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